Previous Damage corrected

On several inspections I have been asked “Why do I check over previous leaks issues so closely, if they have already been repaired?”  There are several things I look for on things added or repaired recently.

1. What caused the problem in the first place

2. Could it happen Again

3. Was it repaired properly

4. Has the repairs made any changes to the Support structure of the home

5. What can be expected as a result from the repairs

Too often I find fresh paint, new sheet rock or carpets placed over the damaged material and it is labeled as repaired. The seller usually is not trying to be deceitful in this practice, they just don’t know better.

One New home I found a plumber had cut into a lot of the support beams to add duct work which caused sagging issues the builder knew nothing about and the way the plumber covered it was unsafe to the structural integrity of the home.

Another home they repaired the damage done to the home yet did nothing to prevent the flooding from happening again.

The issue with flooding is to create a water mitigation system to keep water from entering a basement or crawlspace, NOT to just add sump pumps and expect to correct the problem by pumping the water back out.  Water leaking in through a foundation is causing damage to everything it has contact with.  You want to shed water away from the home to begin with.

Newly shingled roofs are also another place to look closely  since it is too often the case that home owners will have a roof  shingled over previously damaged roof decking.

I have just found it works best for me to be a bit of a detective on these issues and do a little bit of a further investigation.

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